Sweet Torture

I let him touch me
So I can pretend it’s you
Your hand between my thighs
Your kiss on my neck
I shut my eyes tight
And see your face
That gaze
That undresses my soul
Your lips
I’m dying to taste
Your body
I’m aching to feel
I’ll never want him
I’ll never have you
Sometimes this sweet torture
Seems too much to bear
I can’t give you up though
You’re my favorite song
A beautiful melody
A flash of lightning
Across a dark sky
An engulfing spirit
That’ll never be mine


What have you done to me
Fuck I’ve come undone
That’s the spot
Oh my god
That’s the spot
The pressure is building
Fists clenched tight
Begging for release
Your fingers inside me
Your mouth all over
It’s all too much
I’m spilling over
I can’t breathe
I can’t move
Shedding my skin
Here it comes
My throat opens wide
It comes from inside
Don’t stop don’t stop
Fucking Christ
It’s still flowing
Touch me again
Do it again
Baby I’m yours
If you do it again




Remember when I met you on my lunch break?
I was wearing a dress and no panties
I climbed in the backseat where you were waiting

Remember when you said you’d be sweet?
And then you choked me with your cock
Forcing saliva to pour down to your balls

Remember how turned on it made me?
I climbed on top of you
And ignored your suggestion of a condom

Remember how good it felt?
With your oversized dick in my pussy
And my tongue deep in your mouth

Remember what you said?
When you filled me with your cum
And sent me back to work

You said you’d never forget me
You said I was yours
I wish I could remember your name





hands pressed against the glass
of the hotel balcony doors
watching the waves
as they mimic your thrusts
as you fuck me from behind
back and forth
loud and wet

when I leave
your wife arrives
and in the morning
as your holding her in your arms
you see my handprints
still lingering there

you place her hands
in the outline of mine
and show her how beautiful it is
when the tide comes in

This View

I’m bent over
Looking down
Sweat dripping off my face.
This view is one of my favorites

Your legs behind mine
My knees still red
From earlier fun
My ass will soon match

I watch your toes curl
Your calf muscles tense
Your thighs strong and thick
Carrying your rhythmic movements

As you fuck me and fill me
Deep and rough
Like thunder rolling
I can’t catch my breath

I watch my body shaking
Your hands on my breasts
Pulling me tight against you
I love that you spoil me

I turn and look
I see that wicked grin
Please let me have this view
Again and again



Once More

It’s been so long
The years flew by
But now the minutes
I’m counting are creeping

That old feeling
You’ve brought it back
Can’t wait to see you
Can’t stop picturing you

Those beautiful eyes
That devilish smile
In front of me now
Just want to kiss you

Better than I remember
Your lips your hands
Your tongue
I want more

You left me
The scent of your cock
On my hands
Your taste in my mouth

Body shaking
Lips tingling
Light headed
Wet between my legs

I need more
Once more please
I need to feel you
Before you leave me again