I woke up when my phone chimed, it was a text from my boss. “We need to move this morning’s meeting to my house, do not wear a dress.” I couldn’t help but laugh. I had been trying to get this guy naked for months, ever since I started working for him. He was so fucking sexy and I just had to have him. Every time I was with him, listening to him, writing down notes, I was distracted with my thoughts. I imagined running my hands down his muscular chest while my mouth was licking his cock like a melting popsicle.

I always made sure to wear dresses to these meetings. I would purposely draw attention to my legs, slowly running my hand down my thigh to smooth out my skirt. I could see a flicker of interest, but he never mentioned it. From his text, it obviously affected him, which gave me great pleasure. Hmmm what would I wear? Fuck it, this was my chance.

I pulled on my sheer, lace topped thigh highs. I picked out my tightest, black pencil skirt, stepped into it and zipped it up. God, my ass and hips looked amazing in that skirt. I topped it off with a white, sleeveless blouse, that tied around my neck with a long white ribbon. It was thin enough that you could clearly see my white lace bra underneath. I twisted my hair up, put on makeup, slipped on my black stilettos, and stood in front of the mirror. I was directly disobeying an order, not to mention I wasn’t wearing any panties. I was getting wetter by the minute.

When he opened his front door, there was definite hesitation. Was that anger or desire? He stepped aside and let me in. I followed him to his study, where he gestured to a chair in front of his large oak desk. He leaned against the desk as I took my seat and pulled out my notebook. “I’ve always appreciated your willingness to please. I don’t, however appreciate your blatant disregard for my instruction on your clothing this morning.” He was not smiling, he was not playful, he was mad.

“We need to fix this before we can move on. Stand up.” I put my notebook down and stood, unsure of what was about to happen. “Pull up your skirt and put your hands flat on my desk.” I hesitated. This is what I wanted, right? I was not going to pass up this opportunity. I did as I was told, wishing I had put panties on. I was embarrassed as my intentions were made very clear. He positioned himself behind me, I could feel how close he was, but he wasn’t touching me yet. What was he waiting for? I fell forward against the edge of the desk as his hand collided with my ass, almost knocking the wind out of me.

“Do you understand how important this work is?”
“Yes, Sir.” I answered, when I found my voice. He slapped me again, just as hard.
“Are you going to keep misbehaving?”
“No, Sir.” My legs were shaking, I was so ready for him. I pushed my hips back against him and felt his erection through his pants. He spanked me one more time and then I heard the zipper. It had worked, this was going to happen, I was fucking ecstatic. He grabbed my hips and pulled me to him. He reached around and put his hand between my legs, gripping his cock. Instead of putting it inside me though, he just started stroking it. I was grinding up against him, begging him with my body, but he wouldn’t give me what I wanted.

He just kept rubbing himself, using my juices as lubricant. Suddenly he stopped and pulled back. “Kneel down.” he ordered. I reluctantly obeyed. He sprayed his warm, thick orgasm into my face, dripping it down my eyelashes, my nose, my lips.

He adjusted himself back into his pants, went behind his desk and sat down. “Get up and get your notebook out now. We have work to do.”



  1. I thought it would be a good idea to open WordPress before I go have dinner. And up pops this post!! Noooo! *Travel back in time* *travel back in time* *have dinner first and then open WordPress* *TOO LATE!* #firepost 🔥

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