A Girl’s Gift

An unwanted baby girl was born in a small village within a large kingdom. She was born with a unique ability. She could taste the past. As an infant nursing at her mother’s breasts she could see, in her mind, a man suckling from the same nipples. When she was old enough to drink her first glass of milk, she saw her father bent over the family goat with his pants down and his hands reaching underneath, tugging on the teats.

When her parents learned of her gift, they saw it as an end to their poverty. They packed their belongings and embarked on the long journey to the King’s castle. They presented the girl to the king as the perfect Royal Taster. Just by tasting the smallest amount of his food she could identify where the food had come from and who had handled it, thereby guaranteeing his safety from poisoning.

The King was very interested in unique individuals, especially those whom he could benefit from. He set up a test for her in which she sampled different foods. He was immensely impressed when she was able to tell him who collected the eggs, which gardens the vegetables came from and who slaughtered each animal. He paid the filthy couple a hefty sum and the girl never saw her parents again.

The girl accompanied the King at every meal, tasting his food, searching her thoughts for signs of foul play. One night, the King asked her to tell him about her gift, what the past tasted like, how long she had been experiencing it. She started telling him about her first visions as a baby, seeing her father at her mother’s breasts. The King stopped her, he thought for a moment. This vision was not about the milk, it was about the skin. He told her to kiss him. She did not understand and was not happy about it, but she would not disobey the King. She leaned over to kiss his lips, but he grabbed her head tight and forced his tongue into her mouth. Immediately visions flooded her head. The king was on his knees, his mouth in between the legs of a woman standing above him. The woman was not the Queen. When the King let go of the girl’s head, she told him what she had seen and he lept out of his chair with deep, loud laughter.

The King was a very jealous man. His Queen was never allowed to leave the castle as he did not want any man even looking at her. But the King has suspicions that the Queen was sneaking men into her chambers. He devised a plan that would allow him to see if any of the male visitors or workers in the castle were involved with his wife. He set the girl up in a special room of her own. He approached the first servant he happened upon and offered up an opportunity of a lifetime. A chance to use the King’s personal playtoy in return for such loyal service. The servant was in shock but quickly agreed. The King escorted the servant to the girl’s room and told him what he was to do.

The man entered the room and saw the girl kneeling at the foot of a small bed. He stood in front of her looking down at her large eyes and pale skin. He untied his pants and dropped them to the floor, his cock large and slick. He parted her lips with the tip and moaned at the feeling of her tongue. The girl was sickened at what was happening to her. The King had instructed her to kneel in waiting and when a man came before her to taste what was put in her mouth. She had never been with a man, nor seen a man naked, and did not understand fully what was happening, she just knew that she did not like it. The servant was slowly sliding his dick in and out of her mouth, while visions of another woman’s mouth and body flooded the girl’s mind. The King had taken his place in his secret corridor which allowed him to look through a hole in the wall and see the scene unfold. He greedily jerked his own large cock while he watched. The servant started thrusting faster and harder into the girl’s mouth, and right when the girl started choking he let loose his load down her throat. The visions came to her even more detailed and went farther back into the past than she had seen before.

The King interrogated her when the man had left and it was all over. This man had not had relations with the Queen, however the girl had seen him with someone else. The King wanted all the details. She told him how she had seen him and another man with a beautiful woman, both inside her at the same time. The King, after getting a full description of the woman, sent the girl to bed.

This same arrangement continued for months. Unknown to the girl, the King, after each interrogation, was collecting the women she had seen in her visions, so that he could sample them himself. When the girl found a man who had in fact been with the Queen, the King assured her that no harm would come to him. She did not know that these men were being put to death in slow, tortuous ways in the dungeons below.

The girl knew no other life besides this one, except the poor loveless one with her parents, and so adjusted as best she could. This adjustment crumbled on the day the King sent in the stable hand for her to taste. The man was big, his shoulders wide, his eyes dark. When he dropped his pants she saw a cock longer and thicker than all the rest. He tangled his fingers into her hair and thrust it into her small mouth. She immediately started gagging, but he didn’t back out, he thrust faster and harder, saliva running down her chin. She saw images of the horses he mounted, standing on a wooden box so he fuck them while they were tied up in the barn. Tears flowed from her eyes as she waited for it to end. When the semen flowed out of his cock she could not swallow it all, it ran out of her mouth and down her chest. She saw young girls and boys screaming and crying and her eyes grew wide.

The stable hand saw the fear in her eyes and his cock stood right back up. He grabbed her by the shoulders, stood her up and pushed her back onto the bed. He ripped her clothes off, baring her naked, virgin body. She screamed for help but the King was more interested in adding more stains to the wall in front of him. He furiously pumped his hand up and down his shaft, watching for what would come next.

The man held the girl’s wrists together in one hand above her head, while spreading her legs with with his knees. His other hand was between her legs, his fingers feeling their way up inside her. When he discovered she was a virgin, semen gleamed at the tip of his cock. He slapped her face, grabbed his dick, set it at her small, tight opening and thrust forward, ripping her open. His face was contorted in ecstasy while the girl screamed louder than was humanly possible. His hips pumped back and forth opening her wider and wider, and she discovered through her pain that his skin inside her body gave her even more visions. She didn’t have to taste something to see the past, it just had to enter her body. What she saw was more than she could handle. She tried desperately to get away, but he was much too strong. He pulled out of her, but she knew he wasn’t done. He flipped her over onto her stomach and spread her bottom open wide.

Blood and other fluids smeared onto her skin as he rubbed his cock against her clenched hole. She cried and screamed into the mattress, begging for him to stop, knowing that it only excited him more but unable to control herself. He entered her slowly this time, he wanted her to feel every inch of him, spreading her wide open. Her muscles unable to relax spasmed against the intrusion which only made it more pleasurable for him. He inched his way up inside her until she could feel his large sack rubbing against her traumatized skin. Then he slowly pulled out and pushed back in, his body laying on top of hers, his chest on her back. He licked the tears off the side of her face and kissed her neck gently before sinking his teeth into her shoulder. She bucked wildly trying to get him to release her but he just held on tighter, pounding her harder, over and over, faster and faster until she felt him explode inside her, his dick further inside her body than anything ever could be.

When he left and the King came to question her, she could not speak. He grew angry, sitting on the bed beside her, wanting to know what she saw, what it tasted like. She felt nothing but pain and confusion. Did he care nothing for her after all she had done for him? When he got up and left, he promised to be back the next day, and she had better have a story for him. She looked at the spot where the King had been sitting and noticed a smear of white. She knew what it was, but why was it there from the King? She reached out her finger, wiped it up and tasted it. She saw what the King had been doing.

During these past few months the girl had still been fulfilling her duties as the taster for the King at his meals and was there to accompany him a couple weeks later at his last. In her spare time the girl had always been allowed access to the library and had searched and found a book of plants and their medicinal uses and side effects. On one of her occasional trips to the gardens she picked some specials leaves. It wasn’t difficult to drop the ground up leaves onto his plate of food when she was tasting it. The next day he took ill.

Bedridden, the doctor diagnosed him with what appeared to be a disease that could only be transmitted through sexual activity. The King called for the girl and told her she needed to put his cock in her mouth, to swallow his semen and reveal to him with woman had poisoned him with this disease so that he could be get his revenge.

The doctor had left the room and so did not see her drop poison into his glass of water. She agreed to do what the King asked, after he had wet his parched lips. She pulled back his blankets and pulled up his dressing gown exposing his large dick. While she wrapped her fingers around it, the king discovered that he could no longer move his body. The girl pulled a serrated knife from her waistband and with with three deliberately slow strokes cut his cock clean off. As the King bled to death he felt his mouth being pried open, and stuffed with his own flesh. He felt a breath in his ear and a loud whisper, “Now you can taste the past too, you dickless fuck.”





  1. I enjoyed the premise lucypurr 😉 Very unique. Ending was sweet Justice! “The King called for the girl and told her she needed to put his cock in her mouth”, That had me Loling nicely;) Well done!

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  2. Lucypurr In all my years Following fantasy blogger’s tales and stories I can honestly say I’ve never read anything as truly brilliant as Girl’s Gift yet I’m a little sad this morning 😀 because my oral sex is insignificant in comparison. A girl’s Gift is sexy yet as horrendous as an imagination can handle, the most awesome erotica fantasy post I’ve ever read on WP and I don’t say this lightly and have never said this before. I’d love to reblog if you ever did BUT I’m not that big. Andrew ❤

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  3. Reblogged this on Blog Andrew and commented:
    My FIRST ever re blogging of another writer’s work, I’ve asked Lucypurrs permission and she said ‘yes’, (incidentally I won’t be writing erotica for a while ‘she let me…..’ rather exhausted me :/ ) I love reading erotic fantasy and ‘A Girls Tale’ quite touched me in a different way, it so reminds me of a ‘Brothers Grim’ fairy tale, spooky extremely dark such an original story and beware this is sexually explicit 😉 .


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