A Perfect Morning

I walk through his front door and see him sitting on his leather couch, smiling, completely naked and waiting for me. I slip off my shoes and force myself to walk instead of run across the room to climb in his lap. His kisses are hungry and his face scratchy. He pulls my shirt off and tosses it aside, my bra following it. He pulls me close and encloses my nipple with his mouth. As I watch him gently sucking I run my hands through his hair, down his neck, across his broad shoulders. He switches to the other nipple and I can’t help but moan at the feeling.

His mouth moves back to mine and he pushes my knees back and off the couch so I’m standing. He pulls my pants and panties down, then pulls me back onto his lap. I can feel his thick erection between my legs as he runs his hands down my back, I want him in my mouth, I didn’t get to taste him enough last time. I kneel in front of him and slowly run my tongue up his smooth, thick shaft and around the tip. He’s the perfect size, impressive to look at, sculpted by the gods. I get him nice and wet and take as much of him as I can in my mouth. I like to use my tongue to write love letters on his cock while I’m sucking. I can tell he’s enjoying it, he isn’t very vocal during sex, but I don’t mind, I just give him everything I’ve got and then I give him more. I lick and suck, stroking with my hand, following with my mouth in time to the music playing in the background, until I can’t stand it any longer. My pussy is crying for attention, and she’s very demanding.

I pull myself away from his delicious cock only as long as it takes to stand up and get on top of him again. I don’t give him a choice in the matter. I slide right down on him, taking him deep inside me. I ride him fast, up and down, tilting my hips as I move into him to feel him even deeper. His hands are on my hips showing me what he needs. My hands are gripping the back of the couch and I know this first one won’t take long. I’ve been waiting for this, for him, no one can do to me what he does. I can’t control myself around him, my body is his alone. It’s building and building and I have to let go, my body is shaking as I feel the release, my grip tightens, my eyes close, I bury my face in his neck and feel his cock getting wetter. I slow down for a second to catch my breath. He tells me to turn around, he wants to see my ass.

I force myself to stand, whimpering as he pulls out of me. I turn around and sit back down, he easily slides inside. My legs are closed, between his, and I put my hands on his thighs for balance. He grabs me firmly by the hips and pushes me back and forth, then lifts me up and down, watching as he disappears inch by inch inside me. When he starts moving me in circles, I lose it. I’ve never felt this before, oh my god! I’m panting like a dog, my legs go weak, I’m having a Sunday morning religious fucking experience. Sweat is dripping off me as I’m trying to contain my screams of absolute ecstasy. I come again, harder and stronger than ever before. I need him, I need to taste his kiss, and I need to give him what he gives me.

He stands me up smacks my ass and tells me to go lay down. I stumble to his bedroom, take a sip of water and collapse onto his fresh, gray sheets. A very fitting color. He follows behind me, gets on the bed, spreads my legs open and puts his mouth in his favorite spot. He’s like a magician the way he pulls orgasms from my body, one after another, I don’t know how he does it and of course he’ll never tell.

Once he knows I’m beyond satisfied he gets on top of me. He kisses me so sweetly and pushes his ever hard cock deep between my soft, eager lips. I grip his ass and pull him further inside, as close as two people can be. He’s softly moaning and I know it’s coming. I gasp as he pulls out and I can feel the warmth pooling on my stomach. I reach down and caress his cock and his balls as he completely empties himself onto me.

He slowly gets up to grab a towel and when he’s not looking I lick my fingertips, tasting his pleasure. The look on his face when he climbs in bed beside me and the tenderness with which he holds me afterwards, is more than I can bare. I close my eyes and begin counting down the days until I walk through his front door again.



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