The Boyfriend


When I get home your scent is still on my skin, I put my palms to my face, close my eyes and inhale. I turn my head to the side and nuzzle my shoulder because you’re there too. When you were laying next to me I put my head on your chest so I could feel your heart beating fast against my cheek. It was beating for me. I’m still dizzy from the alcohol you poured into me. I’m still reeling from the feelings you coaxed out of me. I’m still sore between my legs, but all I can think about it having you again.

I know you have flaws, I know you’ve done bad things, but I don’t care. None of that matters when I knock on your door. I think about how your strong hands undressed me, then picked me up and carried me to your bedroom, your mouth never leaving mine. You set me down gently on the bed and spread my legs, so that you could lay between them. Your lips wrapped around one of my nipples, your teeth biting and teasing, making my back arch up from the pain, then you moved to the other one. When you were done reddening my nipples you moved your mouth down to my pussy. This time you were gentle and I only felt pleasure. Your fingers danced across my nipples, tickling the pain, the sensitivity causing electricity to flow through my veins making my body shiver and my hands curl tightly into fists.

You made me tell you when I was coming, you wanted to hear it, so I yelled it for you. You didn’t stop though, not for a second. You held me down and kept going, your hungry mouth sucking and licking. Your tongue and your lips are like nothing I’ve ever experienced, you treat me as if I’m giving you a gift, doing you a favor by letting you go down on me. If I hadn’t begged you after the second time to stop I don’t think you ever would have. I couldn’t move, couldn’t uncurl my fingers from the blankets. My mouth was dry, my breasts raised and lowered with my labored breath. You climbed on top of me and slowly, slowly let yourself inside me. I heard you gasp when your length was fully enclosed.

I’m laying in bed now, my hand in my panties, thinking about how much you love kissing me and caressing my skin, while you’re gently but firmly filling me with your cock again and again. You always put my music on when I come over so that I’ll be thinking about you every time I hear my favorite song. I can hear the music now, and feel you fucking me in time to the beat, smiling at me to make sure I know what you’re doing. I can feel you getting harder and thicker, your hands on my shoulders, on my neck, on my face. Your mouth pressed firmly on mine, stifling my moans. My hips push up into yours, grinding against you. When I’m going to come again I can tell you’re going to come with me. As the feeling of release takes over my body I can feel the pulsing sensation from your cock draining inside me. Your hands are gripping my hips and you’re holding me tightly against you.

I close my eyes and imagine that I’m still laying on your shoulder. You always pull me into your arms afterwards, your fingertips gently running along my skin. I try so hard not to fall asleep with you. I know you’d let me. I know you’d close your eyes and sleep with me. The rain falling outside the windows, the music playing in the other room, the two of us asleep, together.

I told you that I had to leave, but you didn’t care. I got up out of the bed and you smiled that mischievous smile of yours. I only made it to the living room before you dragged me in the bedroom and fucked me again.

I’m about to come again, this time in my own bed, remembering you, smelling you. When I finish I’ll have to get up, get in the shower and wash you off me before my husband gets home. I just might seduce him when he walks through the door. I’ll take him to the bedroom and get him to fill me up. I’ll close my eyes tightly and pretend that it’s you.





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