The Boyfriend


When I get home your scent is still on my skin, I put my palms to my face, close my eyes and inhale. I turn my head to the side and nuzzle my shoulder because you’re there too. When you were laying next to me I put my head on your chest so I could feel your heart beating fast against my cheek. It was beating for me. I’m still dizzy from the alcohol you poured into me. I’m still reeling from the feelings you coaxed out of me. I’m still sore between my legs, but all I can think about it having you again. Continue reading “The Boyfriend”

The Hunt


It’s time for the game to begin. The playing field is large and grassy with some trees and bushes, purposefully unkempt. The walls around it stretch too high for a person to climb. The onlookers are seated just above the walls. They have a perfect view of the action from where they sit. They are armed with rotten vegetables and they will choose whether to aim for the chasers or the chased. Continue reading “The Hunt”